Infopath and XML Web services

By | 2003/03/12

Sam comments on my Infopath feedback;

I’m pleased to see such a ringing endorsement by Mark Baker of XML Web Services.

Well hang on there. That isn’t “XML Web services”. Or if this is the new benchmark of a Web services architecture (has that been decided and nobody told me? 8-), then what the heck is this, because it sure doesn’t describe the architecture of Infopath – or at least not the configuration of Infopath I was praising (and probably extrapolating upon a little too). Perhaps with a handful more constraints, the architectural style described in that document will resemble the one in Infopath. But that doesn’t in any way mean that the WSA document is a good description of Infopath, any more than the null style is a useful description of all architectural styles.

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