Checking out Infopath

By | 2003/03/11

I just thought I’d see what all the fuss is about, and check out Infopath. I just ran through the online demo that’s there.

Very nice, but like Edwin, I’ve really got to wonder about the wisdom of doing this as part of Office, as it’s just such a perfect fit for the browser. Hopefully the Office team is thinking this too.

The demo didn’t show much of the “Share” part, except for some out-of-place UDDI and WSDL stuff, which should just be chucked. This is such a perfectly RESTful system that there’s zero value in doing Web services. Hopefully what the demo didn’t show, was a means of publishing a form back to a Web server for activiation, constructing a workflow by linking forms together using hypermedia, yada yada… all that good Web stuff.

It’s also a perfect base from which to add RDF support, but I suppose we won’t see that until long after the Semantic Web is a huge success.

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