Monthly Archives: October 2003

Rewriting the Web

Along with most everybody else I imagine, I had a look over the Avalon/WinFS stuff from Longhorn this week. Jon Udell sums up my position better than I could; Yeah, “embrace and extend” was so much fun, I can hardly wait for “replace and defend.” Seriously, if the suite of standards now targeted for elimination… Read More »

URI opacity and spam

A fine description of why we prefer our URIs to be treated opaquely, in the context of a brain-dead spam-busting idea by a UK MP.

URI Proxy

Because I needed to use this myself, but also because I wanted to flaunt the simplicity and expressiveness of RDF Forms, I whipped together a little spec … URI Proxy provides a means of describing a RESTful service as being a “proxy” (well, kinda – read the spec) for other RESTful services. Composition via aggregation.… Read More »

Uniform Interface Recognition 101

I’m in the middle (or perhaps its the end) of a conversation with Savas Parastatidis regarding a “radical” new form of Web service constraint. Consider his plan to send along this as a message; <orderForm1> <carOrMotorcycle>car</carOrMotorcycle> <colour>blue</colour> <cc>1800</cc> <model>blabla</model> </orderForm1> Sure, there’s no symbol visible that can be mapped to an operation, but in order… Read More »


BEA CTO Scott Dietzen gave one of those typical Q&A interviews in which he says a lot of the usual stuff you’d expect him, or any Web services proponent, to say about Web services. But he does say something interesting about UDDI; I took an informal survey of our highest-end customers. We had our top… Read More »

David Orchard on humans and the Web

David wrote an article on the BEA site, that, to its credit, confronts the issue (and IMO, mistaken assumption of so many); that the Web is for humans. He writes; It turns out that humans are pretty darned smart. We can figure out a variety of interactions such as: * How to enter usernames and… Read More »

WebMethods and The Mind Electric

I’ve known Graham for a few years, ever since I was at Nortel, working with a pre-release version of Objectspace Voyager (purchased by Recursion). He and I, and his team, had several interesting discussions about Voyager & CORBA, culminating in an attempted recruitment of yours truly (I couldn’t do the move). Voyager was a Java… Read More »