BEA CTO Scott Dietzen gave one of those typical Q&A interviews in which he says a lot of the usual stuff you’d expect him, or any Web services proponent, to say about Web services. But he does say something interesting about UDDI;

I took an informal survey of our highest-end customers. We had our top 50 or top 40 end users in a user group together and I was astonished that all of them claimed they had transactional Web services in production and 60 to 70 percent had transactional Web services running between .NET and WebLogic in production. The UDDI[sic] adoption was much less.[sic] People were basically using URIs and URLs as their model for locating and binding into Web services.

and later,

I think it’s also clear that UDDI has been oversold.

Right. So Paul and I were right then?

I think there’s a critically important point being explained here; even in the face of hype-up-the-wazoo, customers will generally opt for simplicity. This is why it is possible for Web services/SOA to fail. All it takes is for customers to understand how to do things the simpler way. The use of URIs and GET is really very simple, so there’s no surprise it was first. Knowing how to use POST and URIs (without operations in the body) is tougher. But it’s just a matter of time before they figure it out, IMO.


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