Monthly Archives: July 2003

Back to Doug on dynamic documents

Doug Kaye responds. It seems we did miscommunicate. I like to tweak my terminology on occasion, to try to blur distinctions for my readers that I believe are artificial, such as that between objects and resources. It came back to bite me this time it seems. I’ll be more careful in the future. Doug writes;… Read More »

My name is Mark

If you’re following the TAG discussion regarding the httpRange-14 issue, you’re probably aware of the two (at least I think and hope it’s just two) positions about this; either http URIs without a fragment identifier can identify anything, or they can identify “documents”, aka “information resources”, aka “cyc:ConceptualWork”s. I’m unapologetically in the “anything” camp. As… Read More »

What oriented?

Sean points to a white paper he co-authored on “Service Oriented Integration”. Now, the content is almost all RESTfully delicious, but I can’t get past the terminology. It talks about the need for very generic, coarse grained interfaces (yah!), document flow, etc.., but uses the term “Service Oriented” all over the place too. I know… Read More »

Pragmatic or principled?

I just found this wonderfully written description, by Joseph Reagle, of the value of both pragmatic and principled approaches to group work. Often there are debates about the means used towards common ends: are we better served by being pragmatic or principled? I think both are useful positions. For example, some individuals might choose to… Read More »

Checking up on XMethods

Back in May, I was worried that my prediction that XMethods would list less than 400 available services may not come true, as 358 services were listed back then. I just checked the number now, and it was down to 342. I’m not sure why the dip – I’ll have to ask Tony – but… Read More »

Object-specific clarification

Clearly Doug hasn’t been following along on the home game version of “Tech Curmudgeon”! 8-) He writes; Mark Baker has thrown up his hands in frustration over the work of WS-Arch. “The sun will set on Web services, as it has on every other attempt to deploy object-specific interfaces on the Internet.” Object-specific, Mark? Right,… Read More »

WS-Addressing vs. WS-Routing

I’ve always considered WS-Routing to be one of the few shining stars of the WS-* spec family. Conversely, I’ve said before that I consider WS-Addressing to be perhaps the biggest waste of time yet developed. So imagine my surprise when Edwin notes this passage from Microsoft’s WSE 2.0; One of the changes between WSE 1.0… Read More »

XML self-describing?

While noticing one of the scaling problems with Web services (a topic worthy of its own blog entry, but I can’t muster the energy), Dave Orchard suggests that XML’s “self-describing nature” will save the day. Producing self-descriptive documents is hard. XML has some tools that help, in particular XML namespaces, and that it’s markup. But… Read More »

Buh Bye WS-Arch

I unsubscribed from ws-arch today. There comes a point where you have to throw your hands up, and realize that sometimes very smart people can be very stupid, and aren’t interested in hearing that they’re wrong. Besides, my new job is building RESTful services on an extremely large scale (international), so I no longer have… Read More »

Will the Necho API be RESTful?

I’ve been meaning to be more involved in this, but it’s been moving too fast, and I’ve been too busy with other things (like a job). A comment by Tim Bray in today’s TAG meeting minutes, however, prompted me to check back; over in son-of-RSS-land, we’re converging on using POST for entry creation/update/deletion for reasons… Read More »