Monthly Archives: July 2005

The Web as a distributed object system

I thought I’d read everything Dan Connolly had ever written about the Web, but this gem (found via via apparently evaded my radar. He’d written other notes on Web & OO, but those weren’t as easy to digest as this one. Here’s the first paragraph; I must take this opportunity to dispell a myth… Read More »

WWW 2006

I must have done something right in Chiba, because I’ve been asked back as co-chair of the developers track of WWW 2006. There’s no longer a developer’s day, just a track, like any other. It’s a very welcome change from my POV. Jeremy Carroll is the other chair.

Web thinking

An excellent piece from Ryan Tomayko at about grokking the Web. A couple of comments in particular, caught my eye; The great majority of experience with systems was not had with the constraints of the web in place. This makes conclusions drawn from observation of existing working systems, as well as recommendations based on… Read More »