Monthly Archives: July 2005

DOA 2005 reviews; done

Phew, just made the deadline for DOA 2005. Boy oh boy though, I had a couple of stinkers this year. These are papers that could have been written by high schoolers, I kid you not. Are some advisors evaluating their students by the number of papers submitted rather than accepted? I can’t think of any… Read More »


Catching up on some overdue responses … In the context of the that Ben Carlye piece, Henry Story writes; In my previous post I argued with Mark Baker that there is a difference between properties and object references. There is, but it is only a difference of emphasis. As I pointed out in RDF there… Read More »

Sam Ruby: Surviving Slashdot

“If one views a wiki as a state machine, then being able to do a redirect is effectively changing the programming of the application.”. Like I say, “Web services? You’re soaking in them!” (link) []

The state of the browser

Not browsers in general, my browser. Let’s see what I’ve got going right now that distinguishes my browsing experience from yours; my bookmarks my preferences my config params Greasemonkey and assorted scripts Platypus and assorted “scripts” my form textareas my plugins my currently open windows and tabs Web developer and its settings cache history I’m… Read More »

Atom 1.0 and RDF

The more I think about my main contribution to the RDF/XML Rec, the more I like its implications. And congrats to the Atompub WG on Atom going, effectively, 1.0. I have mixed feelings about the syndication format; IMO, it should have reused existing formats, warts and all, in the spirit of paving the cowpaths. On… Read More »

Steady state

So it appears we’ve reached a new steady state in the ongoing Web vs. Web services debate. The following comment by Steve Maine describes it; I do think there a lot of interesting ideas and scenarios enabled by RESTful usage of HTTP. I also think that WS-* solves a class of problems which RESTful HTTP… Read More »