Catching up on some overdue responses …

In the context of the that Ben Carlye piece, Henry Story writes;

In my previous post I argued with Mark Baker that there is a difference between properties and object references. There is, but it is only a difference of emphasis. As I pointed out in RDF there is no fundamental distinction between both. They are both URIs.

What I meant was property instances, which is how the word “property” is commonly used in the context of Java Beans. For example, “name” is a property in RDF, but “Mark” would be a literal that, in the context of an assertion, is the value of an instantiation of the property. At least that’s the terminology that I’ve come to use, since I have some experience with explaining this to people (buy me a beer sometime, I’ve got stories).

I agree that the property has a URI in RDF/OWL, but the instantiation of that property never ever gets a URI in RDF (except via reification, which can safely be ignored).


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