Monthly Archives: March 2005

Microformats at DevDay

My co-chair and sent out acceptance notices yesterday for this year’s Developer’s Day at WWW2005.

Full details will be provided later, but I wanted to mention right up front – since I’m quite excited about it – that Tantek and Eric have put together a full day track on the topic of microformats. I fully expect we’re going to knock some socks off with this stuff, in particular those of Semantic-Web-inclined folks. Or at least that’ll be my objective during my talk. 8-)

Now, I just need to figure out how to schedule the Sem Web and Microformats tracks so that we can encourage some cross-pollination. Hmm, kinda hard when both run parallel, for the whole day. Double hmm…

Protocols and meaning

Phil Windley summarizes a point made by John McDowall;

In other words, conveying meaning trumps protocol as a priority for interoperability

Ah, but protocols convey meaning. They therefore don’t trump it, because they are (part of) it.

Said another way, what’s the difference between a SOAP envelope and a SOAP message? Answer; a SOAP message includes the envelope of any underlying application protocol, and with it, the meaning of that envelope.