Monthly Archives: March 2005

Continuations on the Web

“This is how most web applications work.”. Actually, it isn’t. Most Web applications are stateless. Of those that aren’t, the vast majority are only stateful for authentication purposes. (link) []

Sean McGrath; I want a T-Shirt

“in my experience, a lot of folk who should be thinking of asynch. XML messaging in POP3 terms, think of it in SMTP terms”. +1. IME, it’s almost always a matter of trust. (link) []


Mike Champion asks; […]we all know what a service-oriented automated restaurant would look like — just like the human-powered service-oriented restaurants that have evolved over that last couple hundred years. What about a resource-oriented restaurant? I can see how that would work for fast food place (GET a menu, POST an order, which returns a… Read More »

SOA: Shame on analysts

“200X will be the year of SOA/WS!!!”. Hah. It seems that Web services and CORBA share more than just a similar architectural style. 8-) (link) []