Monthly Archives: March 2005

Guess who?

What Famous Leader Are You?personality tests by I even took the test twice, just to be sure. Uh huh. Update; Reinout van Rees points out that this is just an enneagram test, and I’m a type 8. Other not-so-tyrannical type 8s include; Martin Luther King Jr., Mikhail Gorbachev, Franklin Roosevelt, and Picasso. There, I… Read More »


My old friend Steve chimes in with a thought that seems aimed in my general direction, and therefore seems to reflect a misunderstanding of my position; I don’t know of many (any?) pure systems that have significantly succeeded in the real world. If you’re taking a purity approach in this “SOAP vs. REST” debate, and… Read More »

What WS-* got wrong

Another view on Jon Udell’s latest. I like this bit; “Anyway, what we need to learn from this is that most successful technologies aren’t successful on accident.” (link) []