Software architecture poll

By | 2003/03/14

I want to ask a question of the Web services community about software architecture.

My question is; Do you believe it is possible to make an error when architecting a software system, that would make it practically impossible for that system to be successful, no matter how much support there is for it in industry?

I ask, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my studies of software architecture, it’s that you don’t get something for nothing; you have to expend energy to reduce entropy, aka add constraints to induce useful properties. In several discussions I’ve had over the past three or so years, I’ve heard more than a few folks (most of whom should know better, IMO) imply that less constraints are a good thing.

If there are a significant number of “No” responses, then I’ll know to spend more time on software architecture education. If there are a significant number of “Yes” responses, I’ll focus on the specifics of the architecture of large scale systems (which is what I’ve been doing).

Thanks. I apologize that I don’t have comments set up to handle this. But hopefully doing it this way, responses will end up in more aggregators, and this important issue will get more exposure.

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