Monthly Archives: March 2003

Sam tongue-in-cheek on concurrency

A funny addendum from Sam on the topic of concurrent updates with REST; Obviously, Clemens hasn’t heard about the expires header. All you have to do is predict with 100% accuracy when the next POST or DELETE request is going to come in, and all caches will remain perfectly in synch. It is just a… Read More »

Clemens Vasters ponders REST

Clemens has some doubts and questions about REST, which I’m more than happy to respond to. What I don’t get together is the basic idea that “every thing is a uniquely identifiable resource” with the bare fact that the seemingly limitless scalability of the largest websites is indeed an illusion created by folks like those… Read More »

BEA and Don Box’s comments

A few people have already commented on Don’s comments about there being enough specs already. FWIW, and not too surprisingly I expect, I saw those comments as a direct jab at BEA, who earlier this week released three more WS-* specs. It was good to finally see BEA go out on its own, lord knows… Read More »

It’s not REST vs. SOAP

A flurry of “It’s not REST vs. SOAP” comments in response to Bob McMillan’s latest REST article. I helped Bob with that story, and I know I’m always careful to frame the argument as “REST vs. Web services” rather than “REST vs. SOAP”, so I apologize for not communicating that point to Bob well enough.… Read More »

Content Management vs. Enterprise Systems

If you blinked last week, you might have missed an ordinary article on double digit growth in IBM’s content management software division. The gist of the article appears to be that content management is hot in large part due to record keeping systems in the post-Enron world. That probably has something to do with it,… Read More »