BEA and Don Box’s comments

By | 2003/03/06

A few people have already commented on Don’s comments about there being enough specs already. FWIW, and not too surprisingly I expect, I saw those comments as a direct jab at BEA, who earlier this week released three more WS-* specs.

It was good to finally see BEA go out on its own, lord knows that’s been long overdue. But those three specs were very disappointing as a first attempt. I mean, they’re ok work (though MessageData seems to be a pretty weak attempt at addressing Roy’s issue about the different types of HTTP headers being all munged together), but are over specified (note to authors, leave some room in the margins for the standardization process 8-), and don’t stand alone very well. They need to be bundled together under some kind of catch-all “SOAP Extension Suite” or something. Or perhaps in WS-I, separating them out as three is the best way to get them into some new-fangled profile, who knows. Ah politics, gotta love ’em.

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