Monthly Archives: August 2004


Note to self; avoid using an HTTP header named “Status” in Webware, since apparently it’s reserved for holding the in-memory equivalent of the response code. Ack. What’s the best Python Web app framework, or should I just go back to Jython and javax.servlet?

WS-Addressing to the W3C

One of the nice things about being a critic of the current approach to Web services, is that the infighting amoungst the players had a chilling effect on standardization efforts, which made my job – of keeping the W3C as free from this stuff as possible – easier. Unfortunately, today, everybody seems to have come… Read More »

OneBigSoup Wiki

A vision of things to come; personal servers, event servers, REST, RDF, … (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]


Sean highlights Reinout van Rees’s Zen moment Awesome, another recruit! I just want to add that I think it’s important to recognize that “getting it” requires a Zen moment. For everybody I know who came from a CORBA/DCOM-like distributed systems background, but now understands the Web, serious mental model rewiring occurred. If you haven’t had… Read More »

Could Bosworth see the writing on the wall?

Adam writes; The original impetus behind XML, at least as far as I was concerned back in 1996, was a way to exchange data between programs so that a program could become a service for another program. I saw this as a very simple idea. Send me a message of type A and I’ll agree… Read More »


Sean discovers WS-MessageDelivery which triggers him to display a level of frustration that I didn’t expect to see, but that I’m happy about. We need more integration gurus to raise their hands and ask “Hello, what the $%@! are you people doing?!”, in the hope that those building this architecture may stop to take the… Read More »