Could Bosworth see the writing on the wall?

By | 2004/08/07

Adam writes;

The original impetus behind XML, at least as far as I was concerned back in 1996, was a way to exchange data between programs so that a program could become a service for another program. I saw this as a very simple idea. Send me a message of type A and I’ll agree to send back messages of types B, C, or D depending on your A. If the message is a simle query, send it as a URL with a query string. In the services world, this has become XML over HTTP much more than so called “web services” with their huge and complex panoply of SOAP specs and standards.

Wow! I actually had a weblog entry written, that questioned whether Adam’s transition away from a Web services company, and towards a Web company, might have had something to do with him “seeing the light” regarding REST vs. SOA. I decided not to post it because it was pure conjecture. But it seems my gut feel was partly right. However, he also adds;

Why? Because it is easy and quick.

Which is true, but not a very satisfying answer I’d say. Why is it easy and quick? Anyhow, I’m sure Adam will have lots of time to mull that question over in his work at Google. I look forward to seeing what cool stuff he comes up with there.

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