Declarative Ajax catching on

By | 2006/10/19

Just a quick followup on a previous piece, Ajaxian picked up a couple of declarative Javascript stories today;

Any move of the pendulum in this direction is a-ok by me. But to be clear, I am glad it’s a pendulum … meaning that there’ll always be a place for script (the bleeding edge), but we need to consolidate common practice periodically. This also gives us the opportunity to support the functionality natively in the browser.

0 thoughts on “Declarative Ajax catching on

  1. Mark Nottingham

    Big +1.

    I’m glad to see Dave Johnson’s post; writing up how I got to hinclude has been on my todo list for a while, and now I don’t have to do it. :)

    I’m thinking of logging a TAG issue about HTML extensibility, because the validity-heads say that any extension like this is fundamentally broken, and bad for HTML. Which I say hogwash to.

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