Monthly Archives: December 2004

REST as model

Werner likens REST to physics, in that each is a model of some reality, not the reality itself. He writes; Whether we use the REST model, or another model to be developed that appears to match it closer or from a different perspective, “the web” and other large scale distributed systems will continue to do… Read More »

Building on what we already have

“The next time you’re contemplating major technological improvements to your existing architecture, look around for spare parts you already know” (link) []

Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One

Congrats to everybody involved! I much prefer “Volume One” to “First Edition”, since the former implies it’s currently incomplete, which it clearly is (though still useful, of course) (link) []

Greg Goth article

I was fearing this article being published for a while. The interview went terribly as you can probably tell; I was sick, and had about 4 hours of sleep the night before. Plus Greg was asking what I considered to be all the wrong questions, which irked me, and forced me to try to steer… Read More »


In case you hadn’t noticed, I’d not been doing much travelling for the past couple of years. In fact, my drive to D.C. last month was the first time I’d left the confines on the Canadian border in about two years (in contrast to the 350K+ miles accumulated in the previous three!). This was due… Read More »