Greg Goth article

By | 2004/12/15

I was fearing this article being published for a while. The interview went terribly as you can probably tell; I was sick, and had about 4 hours of sleep the night before. Plus Greg was asking what I considered to be all the wrong questions, which irked me, and forced me to try to steer to the conversation to where I felt it should be going … with mixed results. I also interpreted his questions as having a strong Web services bias, which also bothered me. But to his credit, the article came off as reasonably well balanced.

Savas picked up on the article, and the praise I had for MEST in it. I did want to say one thing about that though, that I didn’t have a chance to say in the interview. While I like MEST as an architectural style, I believe that the MESTful software that Savas and Jim would write would have considerable issues integrating with the Web and other Internet based apps, largely because they also believe in protocol independence. On the other hand, since their assumed ProcessMessage semantic is practically semantically identical to HTTP POST (and even SMTP DATA), a considerable amount of that software may integrate well purely by accident! 8-) It’s only when they start using – and trying to be independent of – non-ProcessMessage like semantics, such as HTTP GET, PUT, or FTP STOR, that the integration problems will arise.

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