By | 2004/12/15

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’d not been doing much travelling for the past couple of years. In fact, my drive to D.C. last month was the first time I’d left the confines on the Canadian border in about two years (in contrast to the 350K+ miles accumulated in the previous three!). This was due to some issues I was having with the Canadian government, in turn due to a case of mistaken identity; apparently there’s some guy in Canada with my name and birthday(!!) who’s not quite so law-abiding as yours truly!

I thought I was doing the smart thing in 2003 by applying for my citizenship instead of a permanent resident card. But, in retrospect, that turns out not to have been such a good decision. So I finally applied for the card in addition to my citizenship, and I received the card yesterday. Woohoo!

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