Monthly Archives: December 2004

Is it time for the W3C to speak up?

From the minutes of the last TAG face-to-face; TBL was positive about looking at RDF/SemanticWeb and said that doing Web Services would be appropriate, but expressed concern about the defacto architecture that that’s coming, e.g. from corporate sources. NM said that those working on Web Services would benefit from the right kind of guidance on… Read More »

SOA and REST; so close and yet so far

Last night I was thinking how close SOA is getting to REST, and how gosh-darn frustrating it is to me that its proponents don’t yet see it. Let’s summarize the state of affairs circa late 2004 … Document style services. Web services have attempted to escape the RPC style of service, and instead advocate a… Read More »

Visibility; making or breaking large scale architectural styles

For about the past year or so, Dave Orchard has been using principled design techniques, and in particular Roy Fielding‘s interpretation of software architecture, in his effort to build out and improve the Web services infrastructure. That is indeed worthy of very high praise, as he’s the first Web services proponent to have done it.… Read More »

mod-pubsub meets the Semantic Web

Seth Ladd writes; Stumbled on a great semantic web use case from mod-pubsub […] Welcome to my world! Not that I have a chance to work with radically decentralized examples like zBay (the eBay without the eBay inspired project) very often (read; not at all, yet), but RDF + mod-pubsub will be my defacto starting… Read More »

10 years of Linux

No silly, not in general. I’ve now been running Linux for 10 years. It all started with an Yggdrasil CD I received as a gift when leaving my first job in November 1994, several years of Redhat, then the last few months with Debian. Thanks Linus!

The de facto Semantic Web?

Inspired by Sowa’s Law of Standards, Jon Udell writes; My guess is that we’ll see a de facto alternative to the W3C’s proposed semantic-web standards — Web Ontology Language and RDF It could happen, but I don’t think so. I could definitely see a new XML serialization of RDF happening this way though, but RDF… Read More »