Monthly Archives: April 2004

Savas follows up on "processThis" love-in

I’m so glad that we synchronized on the similarities between our two approaches. I’m just still not sure I understand his “coupling complaint” against REST. He writes; However, I believe that there is a danger by adopting the resource-oriented view that Mark’s approach suggests. Identifying a resource through a URI and applying the semantics of… Read More »

RSS delta/sigma and strawmen

Ok, fess up, who pissed in Chris’ coffee this morning? I think the operative word from my blog that Chris missed was “need”; that, IMO, we need a WS-* RSS feed because new specs are appearing at a crazy rate. You can’t compare that with the W3C’s TR page and corresponding RSS feed because it… Read More »

Two years ago today

… this gem from Roy; If this thing is going to be called Web Services, then I insist that it actually have something to do with the Web. If not, I’d rather have the WS-I group responsible for abusing the marketplace with yet another CORBA/DCOM than have the W3C waste its effort pandering to the… Read More »

Spambusting with CRM 114

I’ve been using the CRM 114 Discriminator for spam filtering for the past few weeks, and have been thoroughly impressed by its appetite for spam (and only spam). Training took a lot longer than I expected, seven weeks, but over the past week I’m finally to a happy point (YMMV) where there are essentially no… Read More »