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Microsoft gig

I’ve spent some time over the past couple of months helping Microsoft with RESTful issues for two (soon to be three, I hope) different groups there. One of those is the WCF team, and Omri has just reported on some of it. I’m not sure how much of my input (if any) made it into… Read More »

Back in the S-F of O

I’ll be hanging out in Sunnyvale Jan 21-23, with the morning of the Friday (21st), and the whole day Saturday, free. Who wants to get together? One thing’s for sure, I’ll be in the mood for a serious sushi outing. Ottawa’s got to be the worst place on Planet Earth for it; no sushi-only establishments,… Read More »

Winer, again

Dave Winer says; SOAP and XML-RPC were started to make it easy to build applications that viewed the Internet as if it were a LAN. which is 100% true, and at the same time, 100% the wrong thing to do. The Internet is not a LAN. On a LAN, there’s one administrative/trust domain, and on… Read More »