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Something I wrote in email to an acquaintance regarding abandoning interface/service description languages; Don’t be afraid if your architecture doesn’t resemble that of CORBA or DCOM.

Assuming XML extensibility

From RFC 2518 (WebDAV); XML has been chosen because it is a flexible, self-describing, structured data format that supports rich schema definitions, and because of its support for multiple character sets. XML’s self- describing nature allows any property’s value to be extended by adding new elements. Older clients will not break when they encounter extensions… Read More »

Back to the Future!

“It’s so heartening to see the OMG rebuilt from the ground up, but on port 80 with text…” 8-) (link) []

Eric Newcomer’s Weblog: Software Productivity

“While HTML and HTTP have provided consistent standardization for human to computer interaction[…]” #!@%$! HTTP is a standard protocol for the exchange of data and documents. Any data or documents, effectively. Yes, even machine processable ones. (link) []

David Linthicum on Loose Coupling

Nicely said, David; First and foremost, a loosely coupled architecture allows you to replace components, or change components, without having to make reflective changes to other components in the architecture/systems. This means businesses can change their business systems as needed, with much more agility than if the architecture/systems was more tightly coupled. Can your SOA… Read More »