Monthly Archives: January 2006

Bill de hÓra: QOTD

Unix pipes, another instantiation of the uniform interface constraint (albeit overly-constrained, to a single POST-like semantic). But I disagree with Rob; component architectures have existed for a long time, starting with SMTP/email. And they’re even (link) []

Hunter Valley Maps

Some good maps of the Hunter Valley wine region. 2 hours north of Sydney, NSW, Aus. (link) []

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Speech, 9/10/05

Via Stefan, a superb, historically-driven speech connecting environmentalism with free-market capitalism, whilte strongly rebuking the current administration’s policies and actions. (link) []

MoCo Ambient: Weather Wizard

Amazing. “It continuously displays 5-day weather forecasts that are broadcast in real time over Ambient’s nationwide wireless network” (link) []

SnaZio* Net DVD Cinema HD (SZ1350)

The upside to my DVD player biting the dust in the middle of “Wedding Crashers” this weekend; I get to upgrade to this sweet thang (and free shipping to boot)!! (link) []

eBay REST API Guide

Seems to make a lot of the same mistakes as the Amazon API (e.g. http://…/?CallName=GetSearchResults), and confuses HTTP with REST, but at least it’s ok for data retrieval (link) []