Reinventing RDF

By | 2004/02/23

Ed Dumbill writes;

I’m wondering how long it will be before everybody’s completely reinvented RDF in the search for what it had all along.

Yup. Any day now, I expect. In fact, I bet BEA is working on something as we speak given Adam’s comments, plus the recent flurry of work by Dave Orchard.

Anybody who’s spent any time following RDF would know that there’s a whole bunch of things you could seriously mess up if you didn’t know better. Given that Dave and Adam have previously demonstrated some extreme ignorance regarding RDF, I’m not hopeful that what they produce will be anything very interesting.

WS-DataExtensibility anyone?

I also wanted to add, in response to Chris Ferris’ comment about “partial understanding” (a key benefit of RDF) being unnecessary, that partial understanding is little more than “MustIgnore”. How DaveO can go on-and-on (see links above) about the value of MustIgnore, yet not see the enormous value-add that RDF/XML provides over plain-old XML, totally boggles my mind.

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