I love stuff like this; a list of grand challenges for IT in the next 20 years. Too bad some reward money wasn’t allocated! 8-)

Here’s one up my alley;

Scalable ubiquitous computing systems: Not only do we want our devices to interact predictably and reliably, we also want them to interact with every other conceivable device — but the complexity of many systems grows much faster than the number of nodes in the system. Computing engineers need scalable design principles: developing and applying them is the goal of this challenge

Hmm, I dunno, that sounds pretty tough. And in only 20 years? Systems whose integration complexity scales O(N) or better? They’re talking nonsense. I bet ya that’s nigh impossible. sigh

Ouch! Who wrote that one?! It must be a Web services proponent, because folks familiar with Internet scale development know that we’ve had that problem licked for (at least) the past 40 years. “Scalable design principles”? I give you interface constraints.


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