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Africa, check

I updated my list of visited countries, which finally shows some red on the African continent, in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The meeting was in Rabat, the capital city, and it was pleasant enough. A bit like Ottawa I suppose, in that it looked and felt like a “lite” version of a larger, neighbouring city (Casablanca/Toronto). It was surprisingly liberal for a muslim country … or at least what I imagined a muslim country to be, never having been to one. I wasn’t expecting tight fitting pants to outnumber burkas by a couple of orders of magnitude. 8-)

And what trip to Africa would be complete without gastrointestinal problems? Alas, not this one 8-(

I’ll be uploading images to my Flickr photostream soon.

Back in the saddle

When it rains, it pours as they say. My ISP and Bell don’t see eye to eye about a few things, one of them being the process the former has to follow to satisfy the latter when debugging my DSL line. Luckily, they were collectively able to determine that my DSL modem had met its maker, so I picked up a new one this afternoon, and voila, back online.

Prepare yourselves for a week’s worth of del.icio.us links tonight.

I’m also, give or take, back to my usual routine after the death of my father. Expect more writing from me in the coming months. In the meantime, I’m thrilled to be participating at the first ever W3C WG meeting on the African continent next week; the WebAPI WG is meeting at the W3C offices in Rabat, Morocco.

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Whither the W3C?

Damn, if the W3C can’t get the browser based Web right, and is home to the core standards that make up WS-Deathstar, it makes one wonder if they’re really the organization best suited to “Lead the Web to its full potential”.

IMO, all of the problems mentioned at those links would vanish if only the W3C was made accountable to the public, rather than its members; or at least first to the public.

A new agenda item for the upcoming Advisory Board meeting perhaps?

So, how’s the Semantic Web coming along?