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  1. ” Stock quote impl != weather forecast impl. A client that knows, a priori, which is which, has an implementation dependency”

    It’s interesting you don’t mention code on demand at this point, since REST caters for it. One way people will try to solve this after WSDL is finally dropped is mobile code (eg ajax and jini and osgi plugins).

    And your use of the word client is vague there, which will probabaly cause confusion – sure a HTTP client shouldn’t this information baked in, but “the something” that has process forecasts of either kind at layer 8 certainly has to have a priori knowledge or a means to infer.

  2. I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say “solve this”. It’s a feature, not a problem!

    An HTTP client doesn’t need any a prior knowledge of any aspect of any service. In the simplest case a client just knows about, say, HTML, and just needs to be pointed to a service that spits out HTML. If it’s pointed at one that doesn’t, then it won’t get HTML and so won’t be able to proceed. I’m sure you get that though, so perhaps I’m missing your point?

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