No more links

By | 2007/03/01

I’ve decided to drop the daily links that get posted here. If you still want to subscribe to them, feel free.

The main reason for this is because I have – quite unintentionally – been using the links as a substitute for actually writing something of substance. That’s bad.

0 thoughts on “No more links

  1. Howard Katz

    Point of view, I guess, Mark. The links were useful to me since I could get a quick, easy taste of what’s going on in the Wonderful World of Rest, that I follow at a distance.

    So I was just as lazy as you, and it’s not fair that you’re deciding not be be lazy means that I can’t be either! :-)


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  3. Dare Obasanjo

    Yaaay. 80% of links in blog posts are crap so I’m glad to see you dump them.

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