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links for 2006-11-18

Is it friday? Yeah! 8-) (via Libby Miller) (tags: funny friday) Nelson’s Weblog: tech / bad / whySoapSucks You’ll always be invited to my parties, Nelson 8-) (tags: rest soap restvsoa restvsoap webservices) ongoing · XML 2006 “Which brings to mind that it was ten years ago at that same conference (different name then) […]”… Read More »

links for 2006-11-17

James Tauber : Amazing Filter Will wonders never cease? (tags: funny photography) Last.FM: Mashing to the Music “When requests for new features overwhelmed Last.FM’s small staff, the company made the bold decision to create open interfaces to the site, and soon independent developers began piling in with enhancements.” Nice. (tags: lastfm music mashups web20) RDF… Read More »

links for 2006-11-16

InfoQ: David H. Hansson on the Future of Rails Good interview, including a good anti-complexity anti-WS-* bit. (@16:30). (tags: rubyonrails dhh soa webservices rest) OpenLayers: Home “OpenLayers makes it easy to put a dynamic map in any web page.”. v2.2 released. (tags: gis mapping) Check out my mini ! – Blog Maverick Mark falls a… Read More »

REST, misrepresented

Sanjiva gave a talk at Google on Web services, which also touched on REST. Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation in there about REST, including a statement to the effect of “If you want to sign your message, you can’t use REST” (I don’t think I’m taking that out of context), plus a slide (@… Read More »

links for 2006-11-15

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing for PC Review – PC Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Review “Please do not play this game. We cannot stress this enough” 8-) (tags: funny gaming)

links for 2006-11-14

Ian Foster: Web Fundamentalism “When I first met Web fundamentalists, I found them irritating, because they would not debate on technical grounds. However, they have ultimately proved to be entertaining.” I aim to please! 8-O (tags: rest web grid)

links for 2006-11-13

Mike Schinkel’s Miscellaneous Ramblings – What is a RESTafarian? “But be careful, RESTifarians can be extremely meticulous when discussing the finer points of REST[…]” 8-) But seriously, that’s the point; REST is extremely tightly defined because it has to be. (tags: rest funny)


Ian Foster writes about OGSA-DAI (Data Access and Integration); […] it provides uniform Web Services interfaces to diverse data resources Neat! That’s so 1990. How many times do we really need to reinvent the Web, on top of the Web? All this because of a little confusion over a word. Wow.