Monthly Archives: March 2006

Content-Type/namespace mismatch

“What happens if you serve an SVG document […] as application/xhtml+xml?” What happens is less interesting than what the document means. Stay tuned, I’m working on a related part of the CDF/CDI framework spec. (link) []

Enterprise architecture isn’t

A great post from Uche, which references another great post from Dare. Dare writes; The funny thing about a lot of the people who claim to be ‘Enterprise Architects’ is that I’ve come to realize that they tend to seek complex solutions to relatively simple problems. How else do you explain the fact that web… Read More »


Damn, I’ve been in a foul mood recently. Finally, Web services folks are admitting (not in so many words, of course) many of their mistakes – mistakes that I’ve been pointing out to them since 1999 – and I’m not able to celebrate. *sigh* The job hunt hasn’t been going well. Interviews inevitably end up… Read More »

Dave Orchard does microformats

(Doh, I lost this one in my queue, hence its tardiness) It’s too bad his comments are gone, because this “response” to his piece on microformats doesn’t exactly warrant a separate blog entry. But here it is anyway. Regarding extensibility, I think the “middle name” issue Dave has is really with the vCard format, from… Read More »

<savas:weblog/> POX using WCF

Some Waldo-centric comments of mine to Savas on the WCF/Atlas thing. Summarizing; the stack makes a sucky abstraction of the network. (link) []


“The URI scheme should answer the question of “what application interface should I expect?”, which is a a lot more than “what protocol should I use?”” Amen. (link) []