Yes, that’s my gmail address. Apparently, a lot of people disagree.

I get a handful of “To initiate the process for resetting the password” emails a week, initiated by M Bakers who’ve forgotten their account names. I also receive a surprising number of emails to other M Bakers. In fact, last week some one of them tried to forward something to his own gmail account and missed! Dude!

And just now, I got a USPS shipping service notification to a Michael Baker from somebody who probably guessed an email address. Sigh.

Two years ago this past weekend, I thought I was lucky to get one of the first non-Google-employee accounts, and to have pretty much free-reign in picking my account name. Alas, ease of rememberance is not without its costs. Oh well, at least I’m learning new stuff… like how to organize a bachelorette (I had no idea!).


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