In response to Tim Bray’s piece calling bullshit on SOA, Loek Bakker responded with some comments that get right to the heart of the matter, IMO;

WS-* services and REST services are not competing, they are complementary. Web Style serves another purpose than SOA. Consumer-facing services have other QoS requirements than high-volume, cross-platform A2A transaction services.

That’s really interesting from my POV because it shows that after many years of a debate, that we – the Web folks – still haven’t successfully gotten our message across.

That message? That these services are competitive.

It’s as Sean says (channeling some unnamed prophet);

A complex system that works invariably can be traced back to a simple system that worked

Meaning, in this context, that if you want to build something suitable for “high-volume, cross-platform A2A transactions”, start with the Web and build up. Web services don’t do that; they strayed from that the moment they confused transfer with transport.

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