I’m getting pretty jazzed about the coming month. This Saturday morning the family and I are departing for Narita (Tokyo) airport in Japan. We arrive late in the afternoon, so booked a night in Narita, figuring we’ll be spent by then (did I mention the four year old?). The next AM we hop on a Shinkansen bound for Kyoto via Tokyo Ueno station. While we’re there, we’re hoping to have time to hit some of the sights in Kyoto of course, but also Nara and Expo 2005 in Aichi (Nagoya). If we have time, we might also head down to Osaka to check out the famous Kaiyukan Acquarium.

Then it’s back to Tokyo (Chiba) the following weekend for WWW2005 where I’ve got a lot on the go, including a panel called “Web services considered harmful?” on Friday, and Developer’s Day on Saturday which I’m co-chairing. I’m also moderating a panel at DevDay about Microformats and the Semantic Web.

After that, it’s a three day meeting of the Compound Document Formats WG at Justsystem‘s offices in Kita-Aoyama, then home for a day, and onward to Amsterdam for XTech where, amoungst other things, I’ll be updating attendees on the progress of the CDF WG.


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