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links for 2007-01-12

Surfin’ Safari – Blog Archive » The Obligatory iPhone Post “One really important development here is that we may soon see the end of the “mobile web” as a separate concept”. God, I hope so. Listening, RIM? Vodafone? (tags: iphone safari webkit mobileweb browser rim vodafone) Paul Downey » Blog Archive » Web APIs Are… Read More »

REST the hard way

Stu Charlton responds to my comment (and Mark’s) about how Pat Helland did things the hard way in discovering REST in a recent paper of his; So, while the two Marks are suggesting Pat’s reached REST the hard way, I would suggest this is something he’s been saying for years, […] That is the hard… Read More »

links for 2007-01-10

SOAP vs. REST – Details of Specification/Standard – Confluence “The benefits of an SOA include […] intrinsic interoperability”. Ah yes, *intrinsic* interop. Can’t leave home without it! Quality analysis. 8-/ (tags: rest soap restvsoa restvsoap) Playing Together Nicely: Getting REST and SOAP to Share Each Other’s Toys I’ve got some minor issues with this, but… Read More »

links for 2007-01-09

Mike Schinkel’s Miscellaneous Ramblings – Enthusiasm for Microformats Premature I think Mike’s missing the bigger picture; the focus on reuse (tags: microformats) 2007: The year enterprises open their SOAs to the Internet? Love that diagram and its “impedance barrier” 8-) (tags: soap rest webservices restvsoa restvsoap) Pat Helland Discovers REST – the hard way! “The… Read More »

links for 2007-01-03

REST Eye for the SOA Guy (Middleware Matters) Another great piece from Steve. Try as I might though, I can’t find the “SOA side” of the argument 8-) (tags: rest soa webservices) Addicted to A nice RESTful API that doesn’t even self-describe as one (as it needn’t do, of course; it’s the Web) (tags:… Read More »

links for 2007-01-02

So Long, 2006 Does anybody else find #12 a wee bit ironic, given Don’s role in WS-*? 8-/ (tags: enterprisey donbox microsoft) Two more reasons why validation is still harmful An update (tags: xml validation)