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  1. I don’t know that Pat’s paper shows he ‘discovers’ REST. I’m pretty sure he already knew a bunch about it. I read the paper and it felt like a detailed and well grounded piece that could be used to start a discussion and educate the ‘enterprise/transactional’ crowd about Web-scale realities, which could lead many more people to adopt a REST style to their next generation applications and systems.

  2. Mark: Can you elaborate? I actually like the concept of Microformats, a lot. But I think their process and vision is limiting and will even cause problems with incompatibility for those that get frustrated with their process and “do their own thing.”

  3. […] Stu Charlton responds to my comment (and Mark’s) about how Pat Helland did things the hard way in discovering REST in a recent paper of his; So, while the two Marks are suggesting Pat’s reached REST the hard way, I would suggest this is something he’s been saying for years, […] […]

  4. MikeS – the microformat way isn’t vertical formats, it’s horizontal formats, i.e. generic enough to be reused between verticals. More or less.

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