Monthly Archives: September 2004

What is an interface constraint?

If you’ve heard me discuss Internet scale systems, you’ve certainly heard me talk about the necessity of interface constraints for those systems. What hit home with me today was that this term is probably unfamiliar to a lot of folks, so it could be of value to attempt to relate it to other things that… Read More »

What is SOA?

Patrick asks for clarification of my previous statement about how, IMO, REST proponents generally like SOAP and dislike SOA. He writes; I consider myself a REST convert, to the extent I think I understand it and its incarnation in HTTP. Though I don’t understand the position above. Is there even a concrete definition of SOA… Read More »

The Now Economy

I was flabbergasted to discover that I was the only subscriber to The Now Economy on Bloglines. If you’re interested in a weblog that can discuss mesh networks in one post, and pasture management soon thereafter, and just generally cover the gambit of what decentralization and instant (modulo latency, of course 8-) gratification might mean… Read More »

Radovan on the Web

However, today’s web is not the end state of machine-to-machine communication. Agreed. It’s not the end, it’s the beginning.

Forrester report on REST vs SOAP

According to Michael Curry, Forrester has a report on REST vs. SOAP which concludes saying basically that SOAP is a better long-term bet. First of all, the debate isn’t REST vs SOAP, it’s REST vs. SOA. SOAP can be used in the context of many architectural styles, and the SOAP spec itself says basically nothing… Read More »

Web gestalt moments in WS-* land

Omri Gazitt has a Web/REST gestalt moment and doesn’t even realize it. In talking about how WS-MetadataExchange might integrate with WS-Transfer, he writes; In order to “dereference” the MetadataReference EPR, you may issue a “Get” message (which is defined in WS-MetadataExchange), but logically this is exactly the same operation as the WS-Transfer Get operation. Now… Read More »

Hello Bloglines

I did it, I converted from the blagg/ blosxom combo to Bloglines yesterday. A tiny awk script converted my blog list to OPML, and that was that. So far, so good, though Firefox seems to crash when the list of entries gets large. I also wish that browsing the entries didn’t automatically mark them as… Read More »

Question for Web services proponents

Further to my last post, I have a question that I’d like to ask Don, or any other Web services proponent that wants to chime in; what’s the simplest task that cannot be coordinated using a uniform interface? Perhaps such a Q&A will help explain the 97% figure I mentioned.

Mike Champion suggests conflict management technique

Here’s a neat idea from Mike about how to bridge the divide between WS/SOA advocates, and Web folks; What I’d really like to see here is the application of a well-known conflict management technique in which each side has to state the other side’s position, to the other’s satisfaction, before discussing the disagreement. and; So,… Read More »