Web gestalt moments in WS-* land

By | 2004/09/22

Omri Gazitt has a Web/REST gestalt moment and doesn’t even realize it. In talking about how WS-MetadataExchange might integrate with WS-Transfer, he writes;

In order to “dereference” the MetadataReference EPR, you may issue a “Get” message (which is defined in WS-MetadataExchange), but logically this is exactly the same operation as the WS-Transfer Get operation. Now it all starts to hang together…

Erm, yah, it does, doesn’t it? Of course, the Web has been getting things to hang together in exactly that manner (modulo s/EPR/URI, s/Get/GET) since day one.

Progress, in a regressive kinda way. I don’t know whether to jump for joy, or cry. 8-/

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