I was flabbergasted to discover that I was the only subscriber to The Now Economy on Bloglines.

If you’re interested in a weblog that can discuss mesh networks in one post, and pasture management soon thereafter, and just generally cover the gambit of what decentralization and instant (modulo latency, of course 8-) gratification might mean to business in the coming years and decades, you should be subscribed.

Adam and Rohit are the brains behind KnowNow and mod-pubsub, and are both now at CommerceNet Labs.

Update; it seems Bloglines has a bad URI comparison algorithm, since I heard from somebody else that they see 9 subscribers, yet I still only see 3. This jives with two other things I’ve observed about the service; that it recommends feeds I’m already subscribed to, and that it doesn’t permit publication of URIs ending with “/” (which could very well explain all these problems, I think). Bah!


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