I’m very happy your baby is 42 weeks old, and that you’ve chosen pampers for it, and that you like recipe collecting. But please note that mbaker@gmail.com is not your email address. Thank you.

The view of my GMail spam folder;

Is this just Google being cute or an unfortunate search result? Either way, pretty funny.

Presumably a virus/worm/whatever had a hand in a message forwarded to the Web Services Architecture WG mailing list today. Interesting, it appears as though Scott Dietzen, CTO at BEA, has moved on to Microsoft. Ow, that’s gotta hurt. 8-)

Who knows though, this could be a fake, since the message headers look weird; the message-id is from bea.com, despite the From header indicating microsoft.com. Shrug/chuckle.

Update; the archived content of the message has been removed, presumably per W3C archive editing policy. But you can still see the From and Message-Id headers.