Monthly Archives: May 2004

"processThis" and other uniform semantics

Savas posted a good state-of-the-conversation post upon his return, so I’ll respond to it. I still hope to respond to his earlier response to a question of mine, in what will likely end up being a mini treatise on state and state references. But that’ll have to wait. I am now thinking that it is… Read More »

The W3C wants Atom

This makes some sense, but ouch, they should have gone to the Atom community first. (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]

Thanks from Jim

Jim Webber’s flattered that I included he and Savas in my list of highlights. No problem, you guys earned it. AFAIK, you two were the first self-described Web services proponents to be able to put the CORBA-like legacy completely behind you and go for a pure document exchange model; none of this hybrid document/RPC crappola.… Read More »

"Web" services; how far have we come?

So I was thinking last night about how far – or not – we’d come in the whole “Web vs. Web services” debates. In one respect we’ve come a long way; you hardly ever hear the argument that “the Web requires humans!”. Many (but still not all) people remain indifferent about that; that the Web… Read More »

JSF Forms only do POST

Ick, the JSF “form” tag only supports HTTP POST, not GET. Repeat after me, “URIs and GET are goodness”. It’s easy to work around (write your own HTML or a new tag), but still … (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]