Jim Webber’s flattered that I included he and Savas in my list of highlights. No problem, you guys earned it. AFAIK, you two were the first self-described Web services proponents to be able to put the CORBA-like legacy completely behind you and go for a pure document exchange model; none of this hybrid document/RPC crappola.

He adds;

Now if only I could convince him to decouple the Web from Web Services. There’s a whole Internet to embrace outside of HTTP :-P

Heh, very true, there is a lot more to the Internet and Web than just HTTP. But, not so much more that most (not all) of it can’t reasonably be used via an HTTP proxy, or in an HTTP-like manner. Just think about how many other systems have been Web-ified; email addresses use mailto:, FTP, though not used nearly as much since the Web came along, is hardly ever used without an ftp: URI.

(Jim and I are having an exchange off-line which suggests he was thinking in this direction; kudos!)


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