All PCd out

By | 2004/06/14

[Oops, I forgot to promote this to my “live” weblog last week. Here goes.]

Had a blast at the Middleware 2004 Program Committee meeting in Toronto this weekend. I got to catch up with my old dist-obj buddy Doug Lea, as well as meet some people whose work I have at least a passing familiarity with such as Roy Campbell, Stefan Tai, and Chris Gill. Unfortunately Werner couldn’t make it en corpo – it would have been good to talk face-to-face with him about REST, SOA, distributed objects, etc.., – but he was able to dial-in which was appreciated.

I hadn’t heard about this conference before being invited to be on the PC, so wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in terms of paper and organizational quality (though after seeing who was involved, I was less concerned 8-), but after this weekend, I’m confident it will be an exceptional conference. Please consider attending!

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