Seven years of WS-Bashing

By | 2007/03/12

I’ll be well out of range of an IP packet next week when it happens, but next Tuesday marks the seventh anniversary of my first public anti-WS post, to Develop Mentor’s old “soap-discuss” mailing list.

I didn’t realize it until now, but James Snell gets the dubious honour of being the target of that post. It’s like he’s Steve Trachsel to my Mark Mcgwire 8-).

That is all.

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  1. Asbjørn Ulsberg

    Interesting. I also like Brad Wilson’s explanation in that thread, where he writes «XML is (getting) standard, so let’s use XML to describe (1) what we’re calling, and (2) the data we’re passing». The way I see it, SOAP gets it wrong with (1), but not necessarily (2). Not using transparent URIs to address what you’re calling when the transport layer is HTTP, is just plain stupid.

  2. Loek

    “I’m curious to know what SOAP does for you here that you can’t get
    from plain old HTTP POST?


    You certainly have changed your style in making the REST point over the past 7 years, but you ARE an early adaptor for sure :-)

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