Monthly Archives: January 2003

Advanced Technology

Arthur C. Clarke’s third law says; Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic After a busy several days on www-ws-arch I’ve come up with my own version; Any sufficiently advanced technology is likely to be marginalized

Web services predictions for 2003

Sean McGrath points out that some folks (himself included) are making predictions for Web services in 2003. It’s surely an oversight that I wasn’t asked for my predictions 8-), so here they are; Web services will continue to struggle on the Internet. XMethods will list only 400 available-over-the-Internet services by the end of the year.… Read More »

Sean McGrath and Recombinant Growth

Sean McGrath calls for a “workable definition” of a Web service in order to bring integration complexity down to O(n) from O(N^2). While a definition would be a good start, more importantly we need a common abstraction. This drives integration complexity down because once you’ve integrated with one service, you’ve (ideally, and not that uncommonly)… Read More »