Daily Archives: 2003/07/16

Object-specific clarification

Clearly Doug hasn’t been following along on the home game version of “Tech Curmudgeon”! 8-) He writes; Mark Baker has thrown up his hands in frustration over the work of WS-Arch. “The sun will set on Web services, as it has on every other attempt to deploy object-specific interfaces on the Internet.” Object-specific, Mark? Right,… Read More »

WS-Addressing vs. WS-Routing

I’ve always considered WS-Routing to be one of the few shining stars of the WS-* spec family. Conversely, I’ve said before that I consider WS-Addressing to be perhaps the biggest waste of time yet developed. So imagine my surprise when Edwin notes this passage from Microsoft’s WSE 2.0; One of the changes between WSE 1.0… Read More »