Monthly Archives: December 2003

More Zope notes

The more I learn about Zope, the more I like. Mostly. I’ve always had a keen interest in software composition, and so was particulary impressed with Zope’s notion of “acquisition”, which is just composition by aggregation. What’s really novel here is not that, which has been done before, many times, but the binding of the… Read More »

WS-I and URIs

Today the WS-I announced a bunch of implementations of a sample application they’d speced out. Seems like a good idea. I downloaded a couple of them, and was very pleased to see a series of URIs that appeared as though they were identifying domain objects; http://localhost:8080/wsi/scm/logging http://localhost:8080/wsi/scm/retailer http://localhost:8080/wsi/scm/warehousea http://localhost:8080/wsi/scm/warehouseb http://localhost:8080/wsi/scm/warehousec http://localhost:8080/wsi/scm/manufacturera http://localhost:8080/wsi/scm/manufacturerb http://localhost:8080/wsi/scm/manufacturerc For a… Read More »

What I’m working on

I can finally give a bit of a glimpse into what I’ve been working 24/7> on the past few months. It’s just a small piece of the big picture, but a really interesting part of it. Suppose ABC Limited has Current Assets $ 5,00,000 and Current Liabilities of $ 300,000. Fixed Assets are $ 1,00,000.… Read More »


When you double-click an application[…] Isn’t that cute? It’s so 1988. Of course, any self-respecting application developer today single-clicks theirs. 8-)

Roy Fielding pays Adam Bosworth a visit

Thanks Roy. That’s really good to see. Roy’s far more articulate than I am on these matters, and I’d say that he picked the right guy to come out of the woodwork for too. My favourite bit; I don’t buy the argument that programmers benefit from a Web Services toolkit. Such things do not build… Read More »

Winer blames me for his inability to understand REST

I found this in in my aggregator, but it’s not on his site any longer; Adam Bosworth admits he doesn’t get REST. I like that. It takes courage. The REST advocates promote by intimidation. A clear sign they don’t want you looking too closely. Now Bosworth is going to do exactly that. Bravo. Apparently I… Read More »

The Zope view on the Web & objects

I’ve just been getting into Zope, and was reading The Zope Book when I stumbled upon this; The technology that would become Zope was founded on the realization that the Web is fundamentally object-oriented. A URL to a Web resource is really just a path to an object in a set of containers, and the… Read More »

Securing protocols

Sean points, indirectly via Jorgen to an effort out of Microsoft Research (CRL) called Project Samoa, which provides tools for verifying the security of Web services. Cool stuff, but you realize that you’d have to apply this to every single application interface out there? Ouch. Yet another example of a benefit of using a single… Read More »