Daily Archives: 2004/01/05

This years predictions

When it comes to predictions, I like to put it on the line and make mine measurable. As published at SearchWebServices, my predictions this year are two; Web services will continue to struggle to be deployed on the Internet. I’ll restate an earlier prediction I made this year; that by the end of 2004, the… Read More »

Web services can’t shake RPC comparisons

Jon Udell responds to Stefano Mazzocchi’s comments on an earlier column of Jon’s. Stefano wrote; Marketing, protocol and syntax sugar aside, web services are RPC. to which Jon responds; I disagree. It’s true that Web services got off to a shaky start. At a conference a couple of years ago, a panel of experts solemnly… Read More »

Bob Martin bashes Web services

He writes; Let’s take an old idea, like RPC, and wrap it with some new hype and nomenclature, and then mediate it with a completely orthogonal protocol! Yeah, lets! The right conclusion, but for many of the wrong reasons, unfortunately.