Daily Archives: 2004/02/09

Content vs data?

From the it-just-keeps-getting-wackier file, this; The goal of XDI is to do for controlled data sharing what the Web did for open content sharing Wow, where to start on this one? So, how do “content” and “data” differ exactly? Can the same data not be returned from an HTTP GET on a URI as from… Read More »

mod_pubsub and hackery

Chris responds to an earlier comment of mine. My point remains that HTTP is not suited to extension of its methods because it requires centralized administration of the method names. You can’t simply make up a new method like MONITOR and deploy it unless you go through the IETF to revise the HTTP specification. Unless… Read More »

Persistence; messages and documents

Mark talks about document persistence and message transience. I would have agreed with that a few years ago, but as I’ve come to understand the value in self-description, I see that it is possible to have messages persist in meaning for as long as the documents which they encapsulate. A RESTful message is purely self-descriptive,… Read More »